"I wanted to look after my health better, have more energy, look after me! Age nearly 56 now I have been using JuicePlus for nearly 3 years! Love the product, definitely contributes and supports my healthy lifestyle. These capsules keep me well and the very rare times I start to feel unwell, my recovery is quick - only a couple of days. I absolutely attribute my wellbeing to this product that supports my (not always) good eating habits and busy lifestyle - it compliments my naturopathic supplements as well. I am a strong advocate for JuicePlus and will continue to use them into my later life! Hopefully my health and fitness will continue into my 90’s! - that’s my plan and JuicePlus will be by my side :)"

Lesley Hill

SA, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 3 years

Juice Plus+ Review

"Juice Plus has literally changed my life, I wish all of my family and friends would try it so we can all live longer together"

Maria Levesque

NSW, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 10 years

"I started taking juice plus when I initially joined the army 8 years ago. I firmly believe that I feel better than I have ever did before taking the capsules. I've always had my capsules and believe they give me an edge and not getting sick when everyone else seems to. My daughter now takes the child chewables and I'm content that she is getting more vitamins and nutrients than most kids."

Scott Stevens QLD, Australia Taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years

"Juice Plus was recommended to me by a husband and wife team who had been taking it for several years. I had just lost my husband and was feeling a bit down. I enjoy perfect health and don’t even get colds and look on this marvellous medication as insurance that I will stay this way."

Joan Beard

QLD, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 10 years

"I have been on Juice Plus for many years and was so impressed with the product that I also put my granddaughter on Juice Plus with fantastic results."

Elizabeth Nettleton WA, Australia Taking Juice Plus+ for 12 years

"We rely on Juice Plus to keep our immunity high and we very rarely get ill, these products really work well."

Paul Heubner

VIC, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 17 years

"I first heard about Juice+ from my step-daughter about 5 years ago. She was so relentless in her advocacy of Juice+ that I decided to start taking them just to get her off my case. I figured that it couldn’t do any harm and maybe, it just might be beneficial but I have to say I was a bit skeptical. I took Juice+ for the first 3 months but ran out before the new shipment had arrived. It was 3 weeks until the new order arrived. While taking them, I couldn’t tell you that I felt any different. However, without taking them, I caught a heavy cold. I thought nothing of it. About 6 months later, the same thing occurred, the shipment was late and I was about 3 weeks without taking Juice+. I began dismissing it in my mind - it couldn’t possibly be related to the lack of Juice+! However, in the 3rd week, I once again caught a heavy cold. In the 2 years that followed, without missing a day of taking Juice+, I caught 2 colds, they were mild and gone within 3-4 days. Once again, I stopped taking Juice+, this time I went on an 18 day holiday and forgot to take them with me. The trip was a struggle as I was so tired, again I didn’t relate it to the lack of Juice+. On the trip home I came down with a heavy cold. I couldn’t believe it. 3 times without Juice+, same things happen. I was convinced from that moment on that it was not a mere coincidence, Juice+ was the reason. Since then, both my husband and I never miss taking our Juice+. I believe the health benefits of taking Juice+ are enormous but are only seen when you stop taking them. To me, Juice+ is not a short-term fix, it’s a life-long commitment to better health."

Amanda Oliver

QLD, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 4 years

"I was introduced to Juice Plus+ by one of my beautiful friends. She spoke about [how] amazing it was and what it could do and I decided to try it. I cannot be more impressed with how it works. I have been using it for 5 years now. It provides so many nutrients that I just wasn't getting before. I rarely get sick and with my group fitness instructing, it helps keep my body working the best it can. Definitely recommend."

Matt Johnston-Page NSW, Australia Taking Juice Plus+ for 5 years

"Our niece in WA introduced us to Juice Plus+ some years ago. She became aware of the product through her yoga and healthy juice and food businesses in North Fremantle. Twelve members of our family, adults and children, enjoy good health obviously reaping the benefits of Juice Plus +."

Lyn Mcintosh

NSW, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years

"I started my journey with Juice Plus almost 4 years ago. I could not be more healthier now. I love the way my body feels. My head is clear and my body feels clean on the inside and I’m 57. I’m going to continue using Juice Plus to maintain my good quality health I’m enjoying. I love it."

Corrine Martell

QLD, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 4 years

Juice Plus+ Review

"I find that my memory is better and my overall health is better when I am on the tablets and I like the ethos behind the tablets"

Virginia Hewett

VIC, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 9 years

Juice Plus+ Review

"New acquaintances are amazed that I do not look my age, I look great and am so active. I tell them I take Juice Plus tablets daily which I believe are the reason."

Rhonda Purvis

NSW, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 7 years

"I absolutely love Juice Plus as I am still very active and love to keep fit and healthy even though I am now getting older (I am 64 in March) I used to run my own business working 7 days a week and also working 2 shifts. A friend of mine told me about Juice Plus and I thought well it can’t hurt me might as well give it a try. I just couldn’t believe the difference it made! I even decided to help a friend who had breast cancer raise money for a breast cancer cure so I started doing Triathlons! I was so amazed at how much more life I could enjoy when I felt so healthy! Whenever I travelled I made sure I never forgot my Juice Plus! My life has been enriched by taking these little tablets some people tell me I am just imagining I feel better but I know I feel awesome compared to others my age! I will continue to take juice plus as long as I can even though my life is more relaxed now that I have sold our business and I just work. I also have 5 grandchildren to run around with so my life is very enriched and full - thank you juice plus for being such a fantastic simple way to feel just great!"

Silviana Battigelli

NSW, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 13 years

"Since regularly taking Juice Plus I have never felt healthier. I’ve had the odd cold symptoms but recover twice as fast. I wholeheartedly recommend JP to all my friends. I also love the Complete which I use daily to make breakfast smoothies."

Claire Savage

WA, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 2.5 years

"Simple and effective. Before Juice Plus+ it hadn't occurred to me that it was possible to feel healthier. Now there's no looking back for me!"

Catherine Agius

WA, Australia Taking

Juice Plus+ for 16 years

"I can’t say enough about this program it really works."

Robyn O'Keefe NSW, Australia Taking Juice Plus+ for 3 years

"I began taking Juice Plus as I am passionate about good health. Within months internally benefits were noticeable and long term feel confident that cell renewal and optimum inner health is a ‘health secret’ and always feel amazing"

Lisa Bedin

VIC, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 6 years

"This has been life changing for me and I feel it’s such a positive gift to give my body the daily benchmark of nutrition from Juice Plus+."

Jessica Boak

WA, Australia

Taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years

More about Juice Plus+

Helping you bridge the gap of where you are now in your health journey and where you would like to be.

Juice Plus+ sells plant based supplements and shake mixes to add more natural antioxidants to your diet and promote healthy immune function. Completely derived from natural whole foods, their capsules, chewables and shakes are all dairy free, non-GMO and vegan – all the way down to our tapioca capsule.